Region Q Society of Life Members Challenge

Unto the Brothers of Region Q does Peri, Regional Conference Co-Advisory Chair, send warm greetings!

You may have seen/heard that the Regional Conference theme is Brotherhood of the Round Table. On ”not-fully-a-whim”, I asked our fearless Regional Chair Aaron the following question:

“So if I ran a Society of Life Members Campaign in R-Q and got, say, like 100 of them, would you dress up in garb for Regionals??”

He agreed (!!!) to dress up in garb for either the conference or banquet (depending on some external factors for which one it shall be). There are some limits to this challenge:

– Brothers need to be new Society of Life Members that reside in or pledged in the boundaries of Region Q
– The Brother would have to join the Society of Life Members between May 1 and September 30, 2019.
– Alumni Brothers can participate as well, if they are within one year of graduating.

So, if you’ve thought about joining the Society of Life Members, now is the time to do it!! You can do this online at

Remember, the Society of Life Members is an opportunity to support Alpha Phi Omega Endowment, thus ensuring long-term Fraternity strength. Students may join for only $50 (up until one year after graduation).

Alumni (outside of one year of graduation), although your membership won’t count in the tally, you can join for $100.

All new gentles in the Society of Life Members will receive a certificate and life member pin in the mail along with a lifetime subscription to the Torch & Trefoil and recognition in the Tribute to Alpha Phi Omega Supporters.

JUST THINK — Region Q has 3 Sections. That means it’s just 33 1/3* New Life Members per section to meet this challenge. For a Section with 8 Chapters, that would be about 4-5 people per chapter!
(* We do not encourage slicing your Brothers into thirds. It gets quite messy!)

GRADUATING SENIORS — You could ask for a $50 graduation present and buy yourself a shiny new pin and become one in the Society of Life Members! 😀

ANYONE — Save up your pennies and other spare change from mowing lawns, recycling bottles, checking the floor of the car, or looking under the couch cushions 😉

Remember, you can financially help the Fraternity AND help our goal to make Aaron wear garb at the Region Conference!!

(Keep in mind, I’ve -NEVER- seen Aaron do anything like this before, or even agree to something that would make him dress up like this… This is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity!!)



(Some of the verbiage above shamefully stolen from the APO webpage.)